We have some Dinosaurs!

January 12
2012 th


I’ve slowly been getting some of the stencils painted for Thaddeus’ new bedroom.  It’s hard to do when Xavier sleeps in that room right now, but I’ve got one wall about half way done and another wall started.  I’m beginning to think we should start moving the kids into their new rooms so I have more time to paint.  You know, I would then be able to paint when Xavier is napping!

Anyway, here’s a couple of pictures of some Dinosaurs and other items for the theme.  I also edited the images so you can see the colors a bit better.  I’m not sure if they are exact colors, but they are much closer to the real colors used than in earlier pictures.

Once I’m all done I’ll use my DSLR with the Lightscoop and hopefully we’ll get true color!

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  1. These are cool! You are so creative.