Thaddeus: Knowledgeable & Curious Good Character Award

April 17
2012 th


Every so often Thaddeus’ school has their teachers pick out students to receive awards for certain areas and having a positive PYP (Primary Years Program) trait.  This time Thaddeus was selected in his class because:

Thaddeus is knowledgeable and curious about our world.

This morning they were giving all the selected students their award.

This was the first time we’ve really been able to attend anything because in the past it’s been too hard to bring Xavier with us because he was either still on the oxygen or two soon off of it and we didn’t want to take the chance.  So, this morning I dropped him off and headed to the gym to await his arrival.

So disappointed!

Instead of coming into the gym in the proper manner, he was crawling around, jumping around, and acting like a complete fool!  It’s very embarrassing to have your first-grader act in such a bad way when he’s in school, especially when there’s an assembly with other students and parents.  I had to, on several occasions this morning, give him that look of “you better settle your ass down and behave!”, which is something I shouldn’t have to do while he’s in school!  Plus you’d think that with all the times he gets in trouble in class and at home for doing the same thing, that he’d actually behave for something like this.

Ahhh well, it’s only going to get better.  Right?

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  1. Farrah Morelli says:

    Congratulations Thaddeus! You look so proud—I bet your Mom is!