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2012 Memorial Day Parade

Not to bore you with a post, just wanted to post the pictures I took from this years Memorial Day Parade here in Saint Clair Shores.  Since there were so many photos I don’t have them full size in the post, just click on one photo and it’ll open up so you can view them

Christmas Stocking Exchange

I have been a part of a message board that is mostly of mommy bloggers and this year I participated in a Christmas Stocking Exchange, where we were paired with another blogger and we exchanged stockings that we made (either fully made or decorated) along with presents in the stockings. I was bared with Brandy

Christmas Shopping

Over the weekend, we did most of our Christmas shopping, we are almost done!  We picked up something for the nieces and nephews, so they are all done, and we even picked up several things for Thaddeus, so he’s basically done, just need to get him some stocking stuffer things and maybe a couple other

The year is almost over

Well, Thanksgiving went pretty good. Dinner was ready a little earlier than expected, but it turned out great as usual 😉 We put up the Christmas tree yesterday, it looks pretty good. It doesn’t have as many decorations on it as I’m used to, but we have to watch where we put them to keep

Christmas is coming fast

We’ve ordered most of the Christmas presents for this year already, just waiting for them to come in. We have a few more presents still to get, but nothing major. I can’t believe on how fast Christmas is getting here. :holysheep: Not sure what we’ll be doing this year, I don’t think we will be

Thanksgiving Dinner

Well, I picked up our tuckey for the year today. Still not sure if I’m going to go with making a full Thanksgiving dinner yet or not. For the last few years I’ve been making Thanksgiving dinner and having my mom and brother with his family over for the evening. But this year we were