Mitten Moms & Crunch Granola

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If you remember, last month I went to my first ever conference, which just happened to be a Michigan conference!  We had lots of sponsors for the event, some of them even gave us samples of their products.  One of them was Crunch Granola!

Crunch Granola

Crunch Granola offers Glutten Free granola in three varieties and they are a Michigan company.

All of our granola is made by hand in small batches with wholesome, all natural ingredients sourced  locally when we can.  Better than that, every time you buy a bag of our granola, a donation is made to help fight childhood hunger. The result is a delicious and healthy granola that is good for your heart and good for your soul.

I’m not a huge granola eater, although you will find me munching on it from time to time.  My husband on the other hand is a huge granola eater.  When I returned from the Mitten Moms conference and started unpacking my luggage and swag from the conference I was showing him all the stuff I got; including the items I purchased while there.  He seen the bag of Crunch Granola and took off to the living room to munch away.

I had to force some from him so that I could at least get a taste of it. It tasted pretty darn good!

My husband loved it and we’ve been looking for more ever since.  Unfortunately with us being all the way on the east side of Michigan we can’t seem to find it in any of our stores, but we’ll keep searching!

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    Thank you Shawn for trying our granola and for giving us the wonderful review. Also, thank you for letting your readers know about our mission to help end childhood hunger. We have a two news flavors – Marathon Crunch (high protein peanut butter granola) and Peanut Butter and Dark Chocolate Crunch. All are gluten free and delicious! And like everything we do 50% of our profits are donated to help feed kids in need.