Medicaid Update

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Well that didn’t take too long, left that message with the section manager and I got not only one call, but two calls from the case worker.聽 Apparently they do have Xavier added to the case and he’s all covered with Medicaid.聽 Not sure why the Michigan Enrolls doesn’t show him listed and I can’t get him added to a health plan until he is.聽 But at least I got a call back finally!

We’ll see how long it takes to get all the paperwork, card, and everything else now.

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    Well at least you know that you won’t be hit with a huge hospital bill soon. We have/had private insurance when Ro was born. While she was still in the hospital, we got a bill for 1.3 MILLION dollars for her care. I was only a few days out of the hospital, was recovering from a an emergency c-section and a baby in the NICU….I nearly fell off the floor when I read it. Everything was starting to go black when I saw – in teeny tiny letters – at the bottom “This Is Not A Bill”. I truly hope you never get one of those in the mail. I think it took 5 years off my life.
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