KinKast Private Video Sharing iPhone App {Review & Giveaway}

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About KinKast App

The KinKast App is said to be the easiest way to privately share video clips with whomever  you wish. You just record a moment and share it with two taps!

  • No waiting (video uploads in the background)
  • Privately share with friends (they receive a link with no login required)
  • Safely back-up your memories on KinKast servers
  • Can also post to Facebook

You can also access your private video library at Online, you can watch, share, download and delete videos. Plus, upload videos from other cameras.

The Cost

The KinKast App is free and every video will get 30 days of free online storage.  For total convenience and peace of mind, the Premium Plan ($4.99/month or $49.99/year) delivers:

  • Unlimited storage on KinKast servers
  • All videos always available online
  • Videos safely backed up online
  • No Ads
  • Peace of mind

How is KinKast different from Facebook and YouTube?

Private Sharing

Videos on Facebook are viewable by all of your Facebook friends. This is great if you want to share something with everyone you know. YouTube is ideal if you want to share something with the world. Neither is ideal if you want to share with close friends and family.

Ease of Use

When uploading to YouTube you have to name the file, add a description, tag it and choose a category. You have to do this for every video.

The KinKast experience is optimized for quickly sharing and doesn’t require waiting for uploads or writing.


When you upload a video to these other platforms, you have to wait for video files to be compressed and uploaded before you can share or record your next video (possibly missing a magic moment).

Unlike Facebook and YouTube, with KinKast your videos upload in the background, allowing you to share or record your next video immediately.

My Take On It

My first thought of this app was that it’s great because you can upload a video sharing with your friends and family and not have to worry about any other people seeing the video, especially those that you do not want seeing it.  You know the kind that you find on YouTube that will write comments about your kids, the inappropriate kind of comments!

With KinKast you get to choose who gets to see the videos.  To an extent.  Just because you have it send an email to specific people doesn’t stop them from forwarding that email on to others.  Now, this isn’t necessarily bad, they could be sending the video on to other family/friends who you may have forgotten to send it to.  But then again you may not have wanted them to see it.  It’s nice that those you chose to have the video sent to are sent an email with a private link to the video and they do not have to create an account.  Makes it easy for those who don’t like to sign up for a website to view the video(s).

KinKast says that the videos upload in the background and there is no waiting.  That’s not necessarily the case.  If you take into consideration the upload speed you are given by your internet/cell phone provider, it may not be as fast as you would expect.  I tested out the app with a small video, 60 seconds.  Well, it took about 15 minutes for the video to upload and for me to receive the email that the video was ready to watch.  Now before you put KinKast down for the slow time it took, please keep in mind that the resolution of the video is EXCELLENT, it is much better than if you upload the same video to YouTube!

KinKast also backs-up your videos so they are not lost.

I like the WiFi Only option, for those of you who do not have unlimited access on your data plan, this is truly a life-saver because you could easily go over your plan limits by uploading a video or two.

You are even able to upload videos from your computer or regular iPhone videos from your phone to your account, so you are not limited to taking videos with just the KinKast App.

I did upload a larger video the other night, about 9 minutes of video, and although I received an email that the video was ready to view and the app tells me that it is there, I have no video there that is 9 minutes long.  Now, this could be because the video is way too big, like I said, the resolution of the videos is excellent so it could take a lot longer or it could have been removed because the one video was just too big.  If this is the case, where is  the unlimited space?  Almost 24 hours after first uploading the video I finally get an email that brings me to the video, however the video isn’t in sync with the sound.  So there does seem to be a problem with uploading larger/longer videos.

I have yet to figure out if you can copy/transfer the videos from your phone to your computer, like you can when you take a normal video with the iPhone you can sync your phone and download the videos.

Disclosure: I would like to thank Aaron and KinKast for providing me with the complimentary One Year Premium Membership for the purpose of this review and one for a giveaway. All opinions are that of my own. No other monetary compensation took place.

The Giveaway

KinKast has offered one of Shawn Ann’s World LLC readers their very own One Year Premium Membership!

To Enter:

Valid for Residents of the U.S. and age 18 or older. Please no PO Boxes.

Mandatory Entry:

  • Go to the KinKast website and let me know what feature you like the most about this app.

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