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ber when I was growing up, just about every weekend during the warmer months, I would take a trip with my Grandmother up north. This was all after she had finally retired and purchased some property for her to build her retirement home. For me, it was more of a home away from home because we spent a lot of time up there.

As she got older she decided that she would get a vacation home down in Florida, where she would stay during the cold months of the year here in Michigan. For me, that’s just about 10 months of the year! Now days you can get Park City vacation homes or vacation homes just about anywhere, you just have to decide where you’d like your vacation home to be. Think about it, vacation homes can be very expensive and you’ll be spending a lot of time there in order to make it worth it.  It’s a home away from home after all.

For me, my ideal vacation home would be my Grandmothers place up north, it’s a beautiful home right on Lake Huron. It’s the perfect place to spend your summer months with family and friends. There’s enough room on the property to have lots of fun and games and you’ve got your own personal lake to swim in.


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