Family & Xavier Update – July 17th

July 18
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Writing this a day late again, I really need to start doing this the actual night.  Anyway, it’s been about 10 days since my last Xavier Update, I’m sorry it’s taken so long to do another update.  I’ll get to his update after I post some other updates.

Thaddeus Update

It’s just been a little busy.  The day after my last update we had Brandon’s parents in town for the weekend and threw Thaddeus a birthday party (a week early).  Since they’ve left I wanted to spend a little extra time with Thaddeus because they came back up and took him for two weeks. This is the first time we’ve had Thaddeus gone for more than just a night.  It’s nice and quiet in the house, but we really do miss our big boy!  It was especially hard for me yesterday (7/17) because it was Thaddeus’ birthday and Xavier’s actual due date, but we survived.

Thaddeus Birth & a week shy of 6 Years!

Just look at how much he’s grown over the years!

Miscellaneous Update

We’ve also been cleaning up the backyard from where we cut down the huge apple tree that we originally started cutting down back in February or March!  There’s still a little bit of work to do out there, but it’s not making the yard look like a jungle anymore!

Xavier Update

Xavier is doing really well!  We still don’t know when we’ll get to bring him home, but he’s always getting closer. Since my last update, Xavier has gained 5oz and is starting to outgrow some of the preemie clothes we’ve purchased for him.  His oxygen level has gone down, he’s now on 2 liters and at about 40-45%.  They are also allowing him to take a bottle at every feeding if he is up to it.  I’ve been giving him two bottles a day and they’ve been trying a third one at night and you can really tell how much he would rather be given a bottle than be fed through the feeding tube.

The only thing really holding him back from coming home right now is his breathing and needing the amount of oxygen he’s getting.  If it weren’t for that, he’s probably be home within a week because then all he’d need to do is take all of his feedings from the bottle.  I have no doubt that he’d be able to do that without any problems right now, if it weren’t for his breathing problems.

We’ve already been told that he will probably be coming home on the oxygen, so we know he won’t be 100% when he comes home and will need the extra attention for a while.  We’re just hoping that him needing that oxygen won’t last too long.

With Thaddeus gone for two weeks, I will be spending a bit more time at the hospital, so hopefully me being with Xavier more will help him out!  I’ll try to update everyone on his progress more often.

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  1. Bluestocking says:

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  2. I bet you were having seperation sydrom on his birthday~! I would of too~! I love reading your updates on how much Xavier has gained. it sounds like he will be coming home some time real soon as fast as he is growing. 5oz is great~! Enjoy your extra time with him at the hospital and keep us posted :)
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  3. You know all of you are in our prayers and they must be doing some good because Xavier just keeps growing. I don’t think I could let the kids go on their birthdays. More power to you!
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  4. great update thanks for sharing Congratulations on your beautiful bundle of Joy. Hugs. I know he’ll continue to get stronger can’t wait to hear that you’ve brought him home. Blessings
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