Changing my look

October 12
2009 th


As you can tell, I’ve been pretty busy with a new look for my blog.  This look started out a three column blog, but I just didn’t like the three column look, so I took it upon myself to change it.  I haven’t finished with the changes just yet, obviously I need to figure out what to do with my header and button to make it match or to make the theme match them.  Haven’t decided yet which way I want to go with that.

So, if you start seeing more changes it’s because I’m still working on it.

About Shawn Ann Griffith

Shawn Ann Griffith is a born and raised Michigander and a soon to be single mother to hurricane of a boy (2005) and a toddler boy (2011). She is also a 2010 Baker College graduate with an Associates degree in Business with a concentration in Accounting / Computer Information Systems. You can view my About Me page to learn more.


  1. Left you a comment on momdot, but I wanted to jump in here real quick to reiterate … I love what you’ve done. It really looks fresh and inviting.