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Shawn AnnHey there! I’m Shawn Ann Griffith and I am a born-and-raised Michigander (Metro Detroit area)! I’ve been married to the best man I know since 1999, we have two hurricane boys (2005 & 2011). In addition to being a  mother, I work outside of the home full-time, I love to research my family history, garden, do crafts, crochet, and visit local attractions.

I started Shawn Ann’s World back in 2000 just for fun and then in 2005 it was a way to let my extended family know what was going on in our lives and to keep up to date with facts and pictures of our son.  At the end of 2009, I decided to expand my website to include product reviews and hosting giveaways.

Shawn Ann & Herbie

Shawn Ann’s World has become a virtual hub for all things mom, covering topics like Parenting, Kids, Travel, Mom Tech, and so much more. We try to put the real world into our product review posts so that you, our readers, can get a first hand experience of how the product works and if it is right for your family.

I do get a little help from a couple of people to contribute here at Shawn Ann’s World, their writings are that of their own (well, they tell me their thoughts).  I Disclose because I am required to!

I try to post on a daily basis, however this isn’t something that can always be done. I would love the opportunity to review your products or services and help get the word out about your business.

If you have a product review and/or giveaway request please see my product review policy and giveaway policy for details and requirements. You can contact me anytime via email at shawn@shawnann.com.

Shawn Ann’s World Media Kit


  • Mitten Moms (’12, ’13)
  • Reviewers Retreat (’13)
  • BlogHer (’13)
  • Blogging Concentrated (’13, ’14)

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    nikolai wandruszka says

    Hello, are You by case Ann Shawn, who is connected with the Pfefferle family in Sidney/Ohio ? I have some questions regarding Thomas A. Muntsinger and the Pfefferle-genealogie



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    Shawn Ann is a true professional in the blogging world. Her Mitten Mom’s Conference, her presence on-line, her website are all impeccable. If you’re looking for someone to help promote your company or brand, Shawn Ann is a great choice.
    Dan R Morris’s last post was I got you, FoodbabeMy Profile

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